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Our Story

Welcome To Karoo Clivias

Karoo Clivias started with the new found love for clivias.. We got our first few garden oranges in 2008 and after a lot of research we found that there's a lot more things to clivias than just beauty. So we started to buy a few yellow plants and later on we joined the local clivia society and bought lot's of new and exciting plants and seedlings.. a lot of generous members gave us very very nice gifts that turned out to be wonderful plants.

Today we have a collection with more than a thousand plants and have plants from big growers and even from Germany, America and China.
We are making new crosses each year and also sell seeds to the public during March to August.. and seedlings throughout the year.. We are aiming to grow good quality plants in the future to make our customers happy.

We are adding a lot of new seeds and seedlings to our current lines to expand our gene pool in our collection and so we can be able to produce better quality plants for our customers.

Our seeds all come with a seed parent and pollen parent, this guarantees a better yield on your seeds. Our goal is to have 100% of seeds flourish to become beautiful plants!
We also supply clivia seedlings of your choice. Saving you the effort of planting the seeds yourself. These seedlings have been cared for with a loving touch and will blossom into beautiful clivias soon.
Karoo Clivias have a beautiful selection of clivia plants. Pick your favorite, varying in more than 30 variations. We assure you that there will be one you love!

We exclusively specialise in quality clivia seeds, seedlings and plants. Perfect for any home.

Our Quality Clivias

A range of clivia plants are available for purchase. Check out our online shop to select the seed, seedlings or plants that you have in mind.

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